Team Picture

What is it about?

Team Picture is a team building activity which reinforces the importance of cooperation and communication through process of painting an artistic masterpiece of truly epic proportions.

The idea is to create something together, something that will remind you how creative you can be together. Moreover you can display it in your office.

Why should we do it?


It is lots of fun. It brings you back to childhood and the time when you believed you can do anything you set your heart on.

You do not need to be artists to create a surprisingly beautiful result.

The end goal is fully collaborative, and success requires precise communication. Not like many so called „team building activities“.

Everybody can get involved as much as they want and bring their skills to the table. Some people are better in preparing the scratch, some in colouring, some in planning with other teams.

Detailed description?


To start with, we divide participants into smaller teams of 5 to 10. Teams collect brushes, paint, a section the Big Picture – the individual part they will be painting.

They then start working separately to mix paints to create the right colours and begin making outlines with pencils.

Soon into the activity, teams realize that in order for the overall painting to be successful they need to collaborate with other teams – the individual pictures need to connect each other. 

Once complete, the highlight of The Big Picture is the final reveal where the masterpiece is unveiled for the first time, which always results in loud cheers and surprise of the great result.

Why Teamspirit?


We are a family business with over 10 years of experience with team buildings, sports events, outdoor trainings and summer camps for kids.

We work with professional instructors who are the most important part of each great program. Safety is first, but we also challenge people to get out of their comfort zones.

We have clear conditions and prices. There are no hidden extra fees.


Your feed back is important.

This was the first team building, where we actually all worked together instead of competing in small groups.

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