Team Buildings

Build a strong team


Geocaching is a combination of hiking and searching for hidden objects called “caches”. During the activity you will also solve tasks and collect clues which will show you to the best way. The track will be designed just for your company and also the caches will be hidden just for your team.

Team Bridging

You will design and build a bridge for an ambulance car to carry vaccine to people in need. It is a complex project, all involved need to work together. There are technical specifications which need to be met with limited resources and strict timelines. Ready to save the world?

Team Picture

Team Picture is a team building activity which reinforces the importance of cooperation and communication through the process of painting an artistic masterpiece of truly epic proportions. The idea is to create something together, something that will remind you how creative you can be together

Paddling trips on Danube

Enjoy day on the Danube river, get to know Bratislava from a completely different point of view, get to places not accessible by foot.


Your opinion matters

This was the first team building, where we actually all worked together instead of competing in small groups.

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