Team building in a Castle

What is it about ?

Discover history of the castle through stories of lords who used to rule here. Learn about their lives and troubles. Taste the wine in the cellars, play an instrument in the Golden Hall, solve a mind breaking code in an art gallery. Use all your senses to collect clues and find the finest treasures of the most noble lords. Become a part of the story.

  • 2 hours aprox.
  • 10-50 pax
  • Indoor
  • Low physical effort

Why should we do it ?

You will get to know your colleagues better. You will work as a team, connect your individual strengths to find the treasures. Thanks to the diversity of taskt, everyone will have a chance to show his/ her talents.

In opposte to the classical guided tour this is much more fun. You will still learn about the castle, but in more engaging way. You will get to know not only its  timeline but also why each room was built and what it was used for through the history.

How is it going to work ?

  • You will walk through most interesting rooms in the castle. 
  • In each of them a task will await you, explained by the instructor. 
  • Only after solving the task you will get a clue, a key or piece of information that will take you further.
  • The ultimate goal is to solve all the tasks and to find hidden treasure.

Why Teamspirit ?

We are a family business with over 10 years of experience with teambuildings, sports events, outdoor trainings and summer camps for kids.

We work with professional instructors who are the most important part of each great program. Safety is first, but we also challenge people to get out of their comfort zones.

We have clear conditions and prices. There are no hidden extra fees.


Your opinion matters.

"We enjoyed how you connected history of this place with engaging tasks. It was interesting to discover a castle this way. "
Palace Art hotel Pezinok
Marketing team.

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