Olympic Family Day

What is it about ?

Enjoy a dynamic sports day, take part in classical and modern disciplines. Olympic games connect people and nations since they first started in Greece.
The main goal of your family day will also be improving relations with your colleagues and their families.

We have combined interactive activities for small and big, so that everyone, even those who are not sporty can enjoy this day.

How is it going to work ?

  • The presenter will welcome you and you will register as teams for the activities
  • Instructors lead the disciplines, explain the rules and the best techniques to succeed
  • Kids and their parents collect stamps on the activities and after they take part in all, they receive a present
  • In the end of the day the presenter decorates the winners of team as well as individual disciplines

Main program

Main program consists of team activities designed for families and groups. All disciplines are moderated and thanks to that even the less active colleagues will be motivated to take part.

Summer biathlon

Ski running plus airsoft gun shooting. The skis can only be handled by 3 or more people. Shooting also counts for whole team. 


Lets warm up and stretch the muscles. This group exercise was very popular in our country during Socialism.

Athletic  relay race

Classical dicipline in teams. Each member runs a part of the race and the next one continues. Hight and broad jump. Each centimiter counts. We will sum up the results for jumping in distance plus high jumps for the whole family.

American football

Flagfootball is a game similar to american football, but it is easier and less violent. Instead of catching the rivals, one just takes their flag and they are out.            A professional player from the best Slovak team will explain the rules. You can also take pictures wich his helmet and gear.

Socker tournament with mixed teams

Teams are made of kids and adults, there is an average age limit for each team. It is a lots of fun.


Individual activities

  • Kayak simulator
  • Archery, air gun or airsoft gut shooting, sling shot 
  • Disc or spear throwing
  • Climbing, slack line and rope obstacles 
  • Obstacle race on mountain bikes
  • And many more…

Creative kid's corner

  • Coloring of mascots from olympic games
  • Shelter 3,5 x 3,5 m
  • Tables and chairs for kids
  • Blankets and pillows to sit on
  • Lots of toys, games and puzzles
  • Rest for the partents who need some alone time


Your opinion matters. 

"We have enjoyed our day together with colagues and their kids . We really appriciated that the activities were designed that everyone was able to participate and had a broad option of choises."
gd-Team, a.s.
Markening manager

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