What is it about ?


You will design and build a bridge for an ambulance car to carry vaccine to people in need. It is a complex project, all involved need to work together. There are technical specifications which need to be met with limited resources and strict timelines. Ready to save the world?

Why should we do it ?


Bridging the Divide is a challenging and engaging team building exercise where teams work together, not compete against each other.

The end goal is fully collaborative, and success requires precise communication. With limited time and resources, teams utilize clever project management.

It is also lots of fun. It brings you back to childhood in the time where you created anything you wanted out of nothing. Boost your creativity!

How is it going to work ?


Teams kick off with planning and networking to discover who has which resources. Then they get hands on constructing the components using wooden popsicles and glue.

The final construction component of the event sees each teams’ bridge being installed as part of the huge, extended company bridge.

Bridges are creatively designed and need to be stable enough for a final test – a toy ambulance car will be passing over.

Why teamspirit ?


We are a family business with over 10 years of experience with teambuildings, sports events, outdoor trainings and summer camps for kids.

We work with professional instructors who are the most important part of each great program

Safety is first, but we also challenge people to get out of their comfort zones. We have clear conditions and prices. There are no hidden extra fees.




Your feed back is important.

“In the beggining it looked like we are not going to make it work since we are used to work individualy , but this this teambuilding connected us.”

Dr. Martin 

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