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Relax with your friends

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Paddling trips

Relax with your friends​

Paddling Trip on Danube

Ideal trip for beginner paddlers from Petržalka to Jarovce. Take your friends and family and enjoy a relaxed afternoon on Danube river. You will experience Bratislava from a very different point of view.

Paddling along Iron Curtain

Imagine paddling along previously strictly protected Iron Curtain. See the ruins of bunkers and remains of a barbed-wire fence which divided the East from the West. Listen to the stories of those who tried to escape. Enter the space that was not too long ago protected by guard towers, electrical fences and soldiers with permission to shoot.

Kayak school

Outdoor trainnigs​

The Kayak Incubator

Would you like to try a kayak for the first time? Or do you already know the basics but would like to improve your skills on wild water? According to your skills we will choose the right location, gear and offer you a chance to become an independent kayaker.

Weekend course of kayaking

Would you like to try kayaking for the first time? Or do you already know the basics but wish to progress? In both cases the weekend course is the right choice to improve your skills. Join us!


Adrenaline on waves​






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"Really funny and the guide made sure we felt comfortable the whole time, we were complete beginners and still had a great time!"

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