Fairy Tale Family Day

What is it about ?

Experience a day full of fairy tale games in the company of your colleagues and their families. You will become a hero of classical fairy tales, save the princess from the dragon, conquer a castle, catch the golden fish which grants you 3 wishes…. Let’s play!

How is it going to work?

  • People are registered at the entrance and informed about activities, they sign up for teams
  • Event coordinator welcomes everyone, starts the active day and helps to make sure the day
    runs smoothly
  • Instructor and animators motivate people to take part, explain the games and rules, record
  • Children together with parents collect points for the disciplines and for completing all they
    receive a nice gift
  • At the end of the day the presenter awards prices to the winners


Treasure hunt

Would you be able to find a treasure using just a map and a compass? This game is designed for the whole family. Parents need to find out the right directions and send their kids to search.

Puss in boots 

Have you ever tried to run in heavy rubber boots? Put them on, join with at least 3 family members and win.

Gingerbread houses 

Hans and Gretel are lost in the forest and need your help. Can you build a shelter for them? Each family gets a piece of cardboard, colourful paper, tape, water colours. Let your imagination work and design the nicest house.

The big beet

A great task awaits you! With help of your strongest colleagues you will pull the big beet. Activity is based on bungee running.

Soccer tournament 

This soccer match is unique because we play in teams of 5 and the age of all the players in a team needs to be less than 100 years. So who is in?


Conquer the castle  

Classical Swedish game of Kubb. Your task is to throw wooden planks and take down opponents soldiers. The rules are quite complex, so you also need a good strategy.

Fisher man and golden fish

What would you wish if you caught a golden fish? Well, think about it. But first lets see your fisherman skills.

Three little pigs

Three little pigs need to hide from the terrible wolf. Each builds a house, from different material. You will play the bad wolf and try to take them down with a sling shot.

Battle with dragon 

A real hero is needed! Will you fight the dragon and save the princess? Your only weapon is a water pistol.

Jack and the beanstalk

Jack wated to climb up the bean stalk to get the golden eggs.You will also climb up and try to catch them yourself. Activity is secured by climbing harness and a high rope.

Kids corner and reading stories

For the smallest kids and creative hands a special fairy tale tent is designed. You can find there:

  • Table games
  • Fairy tales read by our animators
  • Colouring pages
  • Water based tattoos with princesses and knights
  • Wooden toys, play cars and teddy bears


Your opinion matters

"Firstly I want to gladly thank you for the things you prepared for us I think we all enjoyed it and I am receiving a possitive feedback."
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